Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shattered Halls 6/22/08

Yonezoe wanted to build up her reputation with Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula and it wouldn't kill Wranngar to build up his either so we decided to run an instance. We decided on Shattered Halls which I had never been in before. There was Wranngar tanking, Yonezoe Healing, Drene a 70 Mage doing DPS and crowd control, Megavolt a 70 Shaman doing DPS and off tanking and Seriesh of the Shattered Sun another 70 Shaman doing DPS and off tanking. We did this instance way too fast and had some problems but we did manage to get through it and killed the last boss. This was Yonezoe's first real healing stint in an instance and she did pretty good. I need to work on my tanking skills although I didn't really have much opportunity to tank as people were hitting mobs before I had a chance to which defeats the whole purpose of having a tank. The tank needs to build up threat to be able to hold the mobs on them and I wasn't getting a chance to do that. Towards the end I got sick of trying to pull mobs, that other people were hitting first, onto me and just DPS'd in Bear form. We got some blue items that Yonezoe disenchanted into shards that we rolled for.


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