Saturday, June 7, 2008

Daily Cooking - Gomorra 6/6/08

I got the daily cooking done just a little bit before the daily's rolled over for the day. It was Revenge is Tasty and I had to fly over to Skettis and kill a Monstrous Kaliri to get a wing. I got one on the first kill which was kind of nice and quick :). Once I had that I flew back to Shattrath and cooked it up with 3 Warp Burger's. That gave me Kaliri Stew. I handed that in and picked Crate of Meat for my reward. My crate contained, 8 Raptor Ribs, 6 pieces of Serpent Flesh and a List of Goods that I couldn't read because "Blood and water stains have made the list unreadable." I also got the 7g59s that the daily cooking quest pays.


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