Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yonezoe 6/17/08

Wranngar and Yonezoe were both questing in Netherstorm today. There are a lot of quests I never went back and did after I hit 70 so that is good, I can make some gold while I am helping Yonezoe out :). Because I am 70 the quests pay more of a gold reward, anywhere from 11 to 16 gold each quest. We did a lot of quests, most of which we were both on. Yonezoe ended up leveling to 68, only 2 more to go, and I made over 200 gold which made up for not doing a lot of my daily's. We will be there until she reaches 70. I will be making a lot more gold plus gaining more reputation with different factions.


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