Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wrangar 12/04/08

I played Wrangar for awhile tonight and got him to level 63. I was questing in Terrokar Forest near Shattrath City. I would like to skip questing in Zangarmarsh in favor of leveling, hopefully I will be able to quest in Terrokar and move on from there. Zangarmarsh is just a depressing place. I will have to go back to a lot of places and work on my rep once I get done leveling. The quests in Terrokar Forest are pretty easy and I only died once when I lost my wireless connection and found myself dead when I logged back in. I got the flight point for Allerian Stronghold while I was there and picked up a bunch of quests. I went back to Ebon Hold and got my training done then went and got the key to Searing Gorge. Don't really need it, just wanted to have it. With the key you can open the tunnel between Thelsamar and Searing Gorge. I think I am playing Wrangar more now because he is leveling faster but I will have to get back on Wranngar soon and get him leveled up too.


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