Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wranngar 12/13/08

I played Wranngar for a few hours tonight and got about 7 bars XP. I am questing in Grizzly Hills but the quests seem pretty thin. I don't even see a lot that are out of level for me. I think I will be able to get to level 74 tomorrow if I put my mind to it. I want to get to 76 and get back into AV for a few battles. I really miss the battlegrounds but it is useless for me to go in there now, I would just get owned. The quests in Grizzly Hills are interesting and pretty easy. They give good XP and the rewards aren't too bad. Some of the gear is ok, lots of attack power, good stamina, strength and agility. I have been keeping some of the rewards and when I get a full set I will try it on and see what it does for me. I don't really think it will be better than my current gear but we will see. I also explored Howling Fjord today too. I tried to open the map and it looks open but I must have missed discovering something because I didn't get the achievement. I got it in Grizzly Hills and Dragonblight. Howling Fjord is lower level than Grizzly Hills so I won't be questing there, I was only Getting about 3/4 the XP there that I am getting in Grizzly Hills.


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