Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wranngar 12/14/08

I played Wranngar for a few hours today and got him to level 74. The whole level to 75 is rested so it shouldn't take too long to get there. I did some Feast of Winter Veil quests today on him after I leveled. I went and got my training done then when I went to Stormwind to catch the boat back to North Rend I saw the Christmas Revelers out so I knew it had started. I hung out in Ironforge for awhile in my snowman disguise. After I got them done I went back to Grizzly Hills and did some more questing. Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage dropped for me today while I was questing, I was pretty happy about that. It is a BoP drop and I thought it would take forever to get it. Now I can level my first aid to 450. I got 3 bars of XP after I leveled and I hope to be 75 by Tuesday.


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