Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wranngar 12/15/08

I played Wranngar for awhile tonight and got in over a half level so I am over half way to 75. I will probably hit 75 tomorrow, then only one more level until I can get back into the battlegrounds for a little PvP. I can't wait. I started off questing in Grizzly Hills then moved on to Zul'Drak. Questing is pretty easy there and I am getting a lot of XP pretty quick. That is going to help as far as leveling quicker. I don't think I have done a quest in North Rend that wasn't at least yellow. I spent most of my night in Zul'Drak disguised as a Scourge and doing quests for the Scourge. That was all to build up their trust so I could find out their secret. Now I have one finaly quest in that chain to do to complete it but I failed on my first try tonight. After that I decided to call it a night as it was getting late so that will be the first one I do tomorrow when I log on. Hopefully by the time I log off I will be 75 :).


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