Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wranngar 1/13/09

I did the daily cooking in Dalaran on Wranngar and got another Dalaran Cooking Award which allowed me to get Recipe: Dragonfin Filet. I cooked up 4 of them because I needed it for the North Rend Gourmet Cooking Achievement and that got my cooking to 428. I also got 3 Northern Spices in my Small Spice Bag from that daily. I went and did the daily fishing and cooking in Outlands too. It only took a few minutes but I didn't get anything good. After that I went into the battlegrounds. The daily was Alterac Valley and I fought in two of them but stopped because they were taking forever to get into and were so imbalanced once I did get in. We had one battle that was 11 Allaince versus 40 Horde, a little uneven. Anyway I fought in 2 battles there and they were both losses. Then I went into the Strand of the Ancients. I fought in 3 battles in there, 1 win and 2 losses. I am still undecided how I feel about this battleground. Sometimes I really like it and other times not so much. The was one incident in the first loss we had where I died right before the Horde captured the Titan Relic and all of a sudden there was a load screen and I found myself in Westfall at the graveyard with a 15 minute deserter debuff on me. Strange thing is I queued for the battleground out of Darnassus so I am not sure how I eneded up there. I might get on a little later and do a few more battlegrounds.


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