Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Battlegrounds 1/12/09

I did some battlegrounds on Wranngar tonight. The daily was Strand of the Ancients, one I had never done before. I ended up fighting in 6 of them, 3 wins and 3 losses. I am not really sure enough of what is going on to know what we did wrong in the 3 we lost but the Horde seemed really good in those battles. There are two rounds in Strand of the Ancients, in the first round the Alliance are the attackers and the Horde are the defenders. In the second round the Alliance are the defenders and the Horde are the attackers. The object is to attack the gates when you are the attackers and defend them when you are the defenders. You use tanks to attack and destroy the gates and the main objective is a relic. If you can get the relic you win that round. I don't know what happens if both sides fail to get the relic or if both sides do get the relic but I am sure I will find out soon enough. I was queuing out of Dalaran for this but I believe there is a Battle Master for Strand of the Ancients in Darnassus too. I also fought in 1 Eye of the Storm, a win, 1 Arathi Basin, a loss, 1 WarSong Gulch, a loss and 1 Alterac Valley also a loss. I will do some more Strand of the Ancients tomorrow, I was getting good kills and good honor. This could be the new AV.


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