Monday, January 12, 2009

Wranngar 1/12/09

I played Wranngar for a couple hours tonight and got the daily cooking done and got his fishing skill to 420. I was fishing off the coast of Borean Tundra trying to catch Deep Sea Monsterbelly's so I could make Gigantic Feast but I didn't have any luck. I figured I would get my 10 points in anyway while I was there. I got a lot of good fish which I put in the guild bank for later use. I got a Dalaran Cooking Award in my Small Spice Bag today so I only need one more to get another recipe. I also went to the auction house and got every recipe I didn't have, except for the crazy priced ones. They were mostly lower level recipes but I want to have them all anyway so why not. I learned those and now I know 126 recipes. I also earned the Achievement for catching 500 fish. I know I have caught a lot more than 500 fish in my time but this must have started counting when this whole Achievement thing started. I looked in the auction house for Northern Spices and they are going for 5 gold each or a stack of 20 for 100 gold. That is outrageous seeing how you can get 10 for one Dalaran Cooking Award from the cooking vendor in Dalaran. I will just get mine that way because I am not paying 100 gold a stack for them.


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