Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fishing 2/1/09

I did some fishing on Wranngar today to restock my supplies and make some more buff food. I fished for about an hour in Grizzly Hills and Borean Tundra. During that time I got:

62 Pygmy Suckerfish
44 Musselback Sculpin
42 Glacial Salmon
16 Nettlefish
12 Bonescale Snapper
4 Fangtooth Herring
1 Dragonfin Angelfish
7 Cobalt Ore
8 Frostweave Cloth

Quite a variety of stuff you get when you are fishing. I get the Frostweave Cloth and the Cobalt Ore from crates I catch while fishing. I will be able to make 20 more Fish Feast now that I have the mats. They are a big hit in the battlegrounds. I think I am going to do some more fishing a little later along with some skinning so I can get my Leatherworking up.

I got back on and did some more fishing, I completed the Outland Angler and Northrend Angler Achievements today. I also went and fished up some more Deep Sea Monsterbelly and Moonglow Cuttlefish so I will have some on hand when I need them. I need to cook some of the meat and fish I have in the guild bank but I want to save my Northern Spices for the cooking I will have to do to complete the Northrend Gourmet Achievement.

I did some more fishing tonight trying to get the I Smell A Giant Rat Achievement. That had me fishing in the sewers below Dalaran, in the Underbelly. I didn't get a Giant Sewer Rat but I did get 100 Sewer Carp, 22 Magic Eaters, 5 Partially Eaten Fish, 2 Drowned Rats, 1 Leaded Vial, 1 Imbued Vial and 8 Empty Vial. It's like a medical waste dump down there. I put the limit at 100 Sewer Carp. That is how many I will catch a day trying to get this Achievement done. The Magic Eaters transform you into different things or sometimes just buffs you.


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