Sunday, April 12, 2009

Deathknight 4/12/09

I worked on my Deathknight, Wrangar, for a little while today. I hadn't touched him in a couple months at least but I have been hearing everyone QQing about how overpowered Deathknights are. The first thing I did when I got on was Torgos!. I remember having a difficult time on this with Gomorra with another person along but I solo'd it with ease on Wrangar. I guess I have to say Deathknight's are a little overpowered. I came through it with 80% of my health intact. The funny part is I could barely play it after a couple months away from it, I didn't even remember what spells did what lol. I set up all my characters the same way, I put the spells I use most (spam) in my bottom left toolbar from left to right so that's how I was playing it. It all came back to me after awhile. Wrangar is level 66 now so I am working on getting him to 68 so I can head to Northernd. Once you get to Northrend the last 12 levels go pretty quick. There are a lot of quests there and a lot of XP to be earned from each quest. On Wranngar and Gomorra I usually made around 200-300 gold a day just questing. Plus Wrangar is also a skinner with 433 skinning skill so he is ready to skin in Northrend. Wranngar will appreciate that :). I did a few more quests in Blades Edge Mountains after that and got a couple bars. I will try to work on him a little each day after I get my daily's done on Wranngar and Gomorra.


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