Sunday, April 12, 2009

Leatherworking 4/12/09

I worked on Wranngar's Leatherworking some tonight. I got him up to level 441, only 9 more to go. I was hoping to make myself some Epic pants but there were no patterns available. I did make a pair of Giantmaim Legguards which I sent to Salintu along with a Frosthide Leg Armor kit to put on them. I couldn't attach the Frosthide Leg Armor because it causes the item to become soulbound. Being a Druid I can't wear Mail. Salintu reached 80 the other day on her first character :). I know how it feels to finally be done leveling, it is a gooood feeling. She beat me on Gomorra by 2 days.

The Horde attacked Ironforge again tonight trying to kill the king. I got there just in time and got 5 killing blows in. There weren't too many left and the one's that were left weren't feeling so hot :). There were a couple stragglers that came in after we cleaned out the kings room so we killed them too. A good time was had by everyone except the Horde. Ironforge is a dark place, it is a city carved into a mountain and that's why the picture is so dark. The king came through it unharmed.


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