Monday, May 11, 2009

Brieanna 5/11/09

I worked a little on my 36 hunter, Brieanna, tonight. I bet a lot of you didn't even know I had a hunter. I wouldn't be surprised, I haven't played her in quite a while. The first thing I did was get her upgraded to 20 slot bags and a 28 slot Leatherworking bag. Now that she has a little room I can quest and breath easy. I got bank slots for the 16 slot bags she used to have. You can never have too many bank slots.

I noticed she was thrown out of the guild she was in, I don't even remember the name of it lol. I will get her into BlackMoor Coven the next time Salintu is on.

I did a little bit of questing in Stranglethorn Vale. Well, not so much questing as getting used to playing her again. My Wolf was in a good mood until he realized I had thrown out all his food when I was re-arranging my bags, changed his whole outlook. He got to eat buff food after that so he got over it. I will try to play this one a little more often and see if I can get her leveled up.

I still have my Deathknight, Wrangar, to level too but he is in a part of Blades Edge Mountains that I am not really too fond of questing in. I will need to level him there before I can move on to Netherstorm.


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