Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Assorted Battlegrounds 6/17/09

Today was some of the worst PvP play I have seen in a long time by the Alliance. We couldn't win anything, it was sad. I fought in 4 Strand of the Ancients, 1 wins, 2 losses and one draw. It was my daily today. I always wondered what happened if no one was able to get at the relic, now I know, it is a draw.

I fought in 2 Eye of the Storm, both losses. We usually dominate EoS, that's what made it that much sadder. You could tell in 2 battles that the quality of players was such that we were not going to win in there soon. No one was defending anything, everyone was going for the flag, everyone that wasn't AFK that is. Blizzard has been working on the AFK problem in the battlegrounds for a couple years now, hopefully they will have a soultion soon.....

Surprisingly enough we won the 2 Arathi Basin battles I was in. They were both close but we pulled it off. For the most part people were guarding nodes and then going in a group, not one or two, to try for another node. I guess all the compentent players were fighting in AB today. I usually head to the Gold Mine and help cap then defend that when I am in AB. If we lose that then I usually go on offense and help capture another node. There was only one AFK in one of the battles I was in and none in the other.

I fought in one Wintergrasp which we won. That actually went pretty well. We won it in just a little over 11 minutes, we were defending. I got a couple achievements in there today, I have not done a lot of fighting in there yet. I couldn't get the quests today for some reason so I didn't get all the honor I had been getting.

Lastly I fought in one Alterac Valley. We lost that one too. The main reason behind that loss was people decided to hold SHGY. Holding SHGY keeps all the Horde in front of us the whole time, making it impossible to advance. You try to tell people this and they either can't read or don't care. They certainly don't learn from their mistakes because the same people will be in there the next battle fighting to hold SHGY. We lose a lot of AV's when the Alliance holds SHGY. Holding SHGY is pretty much a guaranteed loss.

On the plus side I broke 60,000 lifetime kills on Wrann today. I have less than 40,000 to go to hit 100,000 and get my 'of the Alliance' title.


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