Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Battlegrounds 6/16/09

I did a bunch of battlegrounds today on Wranngar. My daily battleground was Arathi Basin again today :(. I guess it could be worse, it could have been Warsong Gulch, I hate WSG.

It took me 5 battles to get a win in AB and complete my daily today. The Alliance were playing terrible. We lost to a couple 5 caps, and the one we won was really close. I don't know what the problem is but I haven't seen it this bad in a long time. The Alliance used to do pretty good in AB, but lately it has been like holiday weekend in AB every day. The main problem is people not guarding anything. There is no defense, it's all offense. People will ride up to a node, start it capping and then ride away before it even finishes capping. I blame that on the achievements, everyone is trying to get the achievements done, capping as many nodes in one battle as they can... I don't see it getting any better either.

I also fought in 11 Eye of the Storm battles, 8 wins and 3 losses. We were doing a little better in there but not great. We usually dominate in EoS. Once again people are trying to get the flag capping achievements done which is causing everyone to go flagtard. We did have a few 4 caps but those were later. We lost the first 3 I was in and then, later on, won the last 8 I was in. Remember what I said about the quality of people changing at certain times of the day? That's what happened. You could see by their actions that it was a better group of people later on in the day. There were a lot of AFK in EoS, there were a lot of AFK in all the battlegrounds I was in. People that come into a battleground then either stay right at the starting point or bot around make me sick. I use TuringTest AFK Reporter and I use that to report them to the raid group every few minutes until they are marked AFK.

I fought in 3 Wintergrasp battles, 2 losses and one win. I had all the quests done for today except the win in WG. We finally got that on the third battle. I don't really know enough about WG yet to know what the problem is/was, it seems like everyone is doing something, they are fighting anyway. The TuringTest AFK Reporter dosen't work in there, it is not an instance like all the other battlegrounds so I don't think it knows it's in a battleground. I get good honor in WG by doing the quests every day and will keep up with that.

I fought in 2 battles on Gomorra today too. I fought in one EoS, a win, and one AB, a loss. I was tring for the daily in AB, (yeah I know, lost cause) but I was also doing the achievement Dinner Impossible. I still have AV, SoA and WSG to go. I will probably go into WSG, serve it up, then leave. I will take the deserter debuff instead of staying in there for the whole battle. I hate WSG. It has been a long time since I was in a battleground on Gom, I usually do battlegrounds on Wrann. Gom did pretty good though and it felt good to be back in there on him. I want to get Gom to 25,000 lifetime kills to get that achievement though. He only has a couple hundred to go.

All in all I got a lot of kills and a lot of honor today, 297 kills and 24,672 honor. You get a lot of honor doing the quests in WG, that's why I will stay on top of it.


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