Sunday, June 21, 2009

Battleground Leechers 6/21/09

I am so sick of all the leechers in the battlegrounds I have decided to list them. The following is a list of the people that were leeching in the battlegrounds I was in today along with the battleground they were in.

Eye of the Storm
Kryptonikk - Frostwolf - 2 battles

Alterac Valley
Deerht Jenkins - Kil'Jaeden - 2 battles
Proteja - Tichondrius - 2 battles
Xybodhi - Ner'zhul - 2 battles
Trinketpls of the Nightfall - Frostmourne - 2 battles
Priorie - Aman'Thul - 1 battle
Korad - Blackrock - 1 battle
Darylol, Champion of the Frozen Wastes - Frostmourne - 2 battles
Supchief - Tichondrius - 1 battle
Tac - Sliverhand - 1 battle
Alkemist - Tichondrius - 1 battle
Kristana - Tichondrius - 1 battle
Talker - Sliverhand - 1 battle

These people were AFK thoughout the battle until at least the last few minutes, all the AFK seem to come alive in the last couple minutes trying to clear the AFK debuff so they can get marks and honor. Blizzard should have something in place to remove them once they are AFK for a certain amount of time but, unfortunatley, they do not...... If one of these is your character or one of these characters is in your guild, you must be so proud.


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