Sunday, June 21, 2009

Battlegrounds 6/21/09

It took me 5 battles in Eye of the Storm to get my daily done on Wranngar which is just sad. It was some of the worst PvP play I have seen in awhile and I have seen some pretty poor PvP play latley. No one was defending anything, everyone was going for the flag, nobody was trying for towers, I guess they were just trying for achievements.

In one of the battles everyone came off the rock and went to MT, me and one other person were the only ones that went to FRR, needless to say we died. In a couple other battles more than half the team came off the rock and went right to the flag. A lot of people were pissed. In one battle we had one person that got, and lost, the flag twice while we didn't even have any towers..... Like I said, it was just sad to see.

The stupidity didn't stop there, it was going on in AB and AV as well. I fought in 2 battles in AV, both losses. One ended up in a turtle at DB and the other we lost because someone thought it would be smart to take SHGY which is pretty much a guaranteed loss.

In AB there was no teamwork and people couldn't understand, if all the Horde are at ST, GO CAP SOMETHING ELSE!!!!! They just didn't get it and continued to waste time, one or two at a time, trying to get ST back..... I call this phenomenon 'Nap Time is Over' because it seems like the battleground is full of kids with no understanding of strategy. Or a undrestanding of anything else PvP for that matter.

As usual there were a lot of AFK in all the battles I was in, except for the one AB I fought in but we lost that to a 5 cap so it was fast and might not have been enough time for the TuringTest AFK Reporter to report them AFK.


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