Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daily's 6/21/09

I only did the cooking and fishing again today. The cooking was Sewer Stew and the fishing was Blood Is Thicker on my server, Aman'thul. I also did the achievement Critter Gitter on Gomorra.

I didn't get anything worth mentioning as far as rewards go from the cooking or fishing, just the usual stuff.

Critter Gitter is a fun easy quest that only takes a minute. I took some Critter Bites with me when I went to do the daily fishing and, after I got my 5 Bloodtooth Frenzy for the daily fishing, I headed out to the icebergs off Unu'pe in Borean Tundra. There are all kinds of Penguins on them and I had no problem getting 10 of them to be my friend in under 3 minutes. Actually it took me less than 30 seconds to round up 10 of them. All you need to do is target one and toss him a treat by right clicking on it. Or, if you have a universal hot key slot in your action bar like I do, just target and hot key. That is one more step towards my chef title on Gom.


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