Sunday, November 15, 2009

Arathi Basin - Daily Battleground 11/14/09

I did a bunch of battlegrounds on Wranngar tonight. I ended the night with over 1,000 kills and 27,000+ honor. Arathi Basin was my daily battleground. Alliance was not doing well in there. I can remember a time when AB was a battleground we used to win in a lot, not anymore apparently.

I fought in 5 AB's to get my daily done. It was the same problem in all the losses. the glory hounds. The objective is to capture and hold bases for points. The first side to accumulate 1600 points wins. There are 5 bases, you need to hold at least 3 for the majority of the battle to win. The problem with Alliance is they can't just take and hold 3 bases, they have to have all 5. Well usually they are not good enough to capture and hold 5 bases. What ends up happening is you will have 8 or 9 people at the Stables, one person guarding the Lumber Mill, no one guarding the Gold mine, 2 people trying to get the Blacksmith and one person trying to get the Farm. The Horde like to move around in a large group, the Alliance likes to move around in one's or two's. The Alliance is known for leaving bases with no one defending them. I was watching these 'champs' in action tonight, they will ride into a base, start the flag capping, then mount up and ride out. Anyway it took 5 battles until we had a win, a close win, and I was able to get my daily done. I handed that in for 19g86s and 2414 bonus honor. I was maxed out on honor until yesterday when I got a couple items with my honor.

I fought in 4 Eye of the Storm battles too. It was their holiday weekend and I don't know why I bothered. Holiday weekends give you twice the honor when you fight in that battleground. It also brings out the AFK and the weekend warriors, I don't know which one is worse. The weekend warriors are the people who only fight in battlegrounds on their holiday weekends for the extra honor and it shows. The AFK are, well, the AFK and they suck.

I fought in 15 Alterac Valley battles, 12 wins and 3 losses. The Alliance was on fire in AV tonight. It was some of the best fighting I have seen in awhile. In one of the battles someone took SHGY like an idiot but it didn't matter. The Horde were rezzing at FWGY and we just slammed into them and took FWGY. They were rezzing at FWRH then and we went in there and took that away from them too. The we killed Drek :). It was a long battle with some serious fighting. We were owning them. We owned them in a lot of the battles. We couldn't be stopped. It was AV like it used to be. Must have been an old timer reunion. I haven't seen fighting in AV like that in a couple years, since back when I first started fighting in there. 2 of the battles we lost were directly related to taking and holding SHGY, we lost on reinforcements. Usually you just don't have a good enough group to do that so taking and holding SHGY usually results in a loss. Needless to say I got most of my kills in there tonight. I will break 65,000 lifetime kills tomorrow.


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