Sunday, November 15, 2009

Daily Battleground - Arathi Basin, Again - 11/15/09

My daily battleground turned out to be Arathi Basin again today. I almost skipped it as Alliance has been sucking worse than usual in there lately but I am glad I didn't. We lost the first battle I was in, no surprise there, but we won the second battle with a 5 cap, big surprise. I did it on Wranngar as usual. I don't PvP too much on Gomorra anymore. There was a time when all I did was PvP on Gom but I like Wrann better in the battlegrounds these days. I still need to get back on Gom and get him 133 more kills so he can at least get the 25,000 lifetime kills achievement. Anyway I got my daily battleground done and collected my 19g86s and 1241 honor.

I did some Alterac Valley battles after that. We were definitely not doing as good tonight in there as we were last night, that's for sure. I fought in 14 battles, 4 wins and 10 losses. We lost most of them on reinforcements and the major cause of most of the losses was Stonehearth Graveyard. Nothing new there. We lost one battle by 15 reinforcements. We were a couple hundred ahead in that one but due to some poor playing, even by Alliance standards, we lost that advantage and the battle. We lost another one by 56 reinforcements. We did have some pretty fierce battles though, I was able to get over 1,000 honorable kills again tonight. That is almost like the old days, when I used to fight on Gom and you could get a couple thousand kills in a night. I passed the 65,000 lifetime kills mark tonight.

I tried one Eye of the Storm but it was still the holiday weekend in that battleground, enough said.


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