Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Battle for Alterac Valley 11/23/09

The battle for Alterac Valley wasn't going well at all tonight. I fought in 15 battles on Wranngar, 5 wins and 10 losses, Ouch!

The Alliance just couldn't seem to get it together tonight. We had the usual problems, AFK, not working together as a team, people taking SHGY early in the game and, the usual, not having enough people in a tower to hold it when the Horde came to back-cap it.

I have changed my opinion on SHGY. Sometimes it seems to work when it gets capped by the Alliance. The times that seem to work out Ok are when we have all our towers capped or when we have IBT and TP capped and the Frostwolf towers almost capped. You still run the risk of all the Horde rezzing in their cave and piling into Frostwolf Keep but if you have a lot of people there it is not too bad, gets you a lot of kills :). It seems to be a good idea too when we are winning on reinforcements. When we have SHGY it seems like everyone wants to stay there and defend it, that's why taking it early in the battle hardly ever works out. But if we have our towers capped and the Horde ran us out of Frostwolf Keep then it helps us keep them from capping IWB and SHB. It also keeps everyone close to Dun Baldar so we can get our bunkers back. It is a risky situation and you have to play it by ear.

Unfortunately we did have a few times where it was held right from the start of the battle and cost us the win. No one ever stays to guard Iceblood Graveyard or Snowfall Graveyard and sometimes that is Ok as long as we're not holding SHGY. If we are not holding SHGY the Horde don't seem too interested in those GY's. People will guard Frostwolf Graveyard but usually half heartedly. As long as not too many Horde show up we can keep it. FWGY can be an important one to keep as it keeps the Horde from rezzing and running right back into FW Keep if they decide to defend the Keep.

Anyway I did get some good honor tonight and a lot of kills, I think I ended up with over 1,400 kills for the night. I am on track to get my 100,000 lifetime kills and my "of the Alliance" title this year.


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