Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daily Fishing - Dangerously Delicious 11/25/09

The daily fshing quest today was Dangerously Delicious. This one can be exciting whether you want it to or not. The only place you can catch Terrorfish is Wintergrasp, the PvP area. Once you land there you are flagged for combat and the Horde like to gank people trying to fish.

I took the flight path from Dalaran to the flight point in Wintergrasp. You can fish right there and that's what I did. There was a Deathknight, a Hunter and a Mage fishing there with me. The only Horde we saw was a Druid in flight form flying over. I got my 10 Terrorfish in 23 casts today which was really quick compared to the number of casts I have been doing lately to get my 10.

I took the flight path back to Dalaran and went to see Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain. I turned them in to her and she gave me a Bag of Fishing Treasures which today had 8g37s73c, 5 Pygmy Oil, 3 Solid Gold Coins and 4 Deviate Fish. All pretty much junk except for the 3 gold coins which I sold to a vendor for 3 gold. I am still waiting to get the Jeweled Fishing Pole from this daily and the Eternium Fishing Line for Wranngar, Gomorra already got it. Wrann is still getting by with his Spun Truesilver Fishing Line. There are also some nice gems you can get from this daily. I have already gotten the Solid Stormjewel and the Bold Stormjewel. I have the Strand Crawler on Wrann already too. Gom has Toothy's Bucket from the Outlands daily fishing quest, Wrann never got that one. I check once in awhile, when I think of it, to see if the Outlands daily is Crocolisks in the City as that is the daily Gom got it from and I think that is the only one that has a chance of giving it.


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