Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Battle for Alterac Valley 11/24/09

I fought in 26 battles tonight in Alterac Valley on Wranngar. We had 16 wins and 10 losses. The Alliance was doing Ok in there tonight for the most part. Alterac Valley was also my daily battleground today.

We had one battle we won on reinforcements, we were just slaughtering the Horde. We drove them back from SHGY all the way to the Frostwolf Relief Hut then we took that away from them too, they were rezzing in their cave :). That was a great battle, I ended up getting 276 honorable kills out of that one. I got a lot of honor tonight too. We did a few Blitz's and a few almost Blitz's where we won fast but didn't do it in under 6 minutes. The Horde did a few Blitz's as well. Lately they seem to be trying to Blitz a lot. Over 3/4 of the battles I was in I would say they tried the Blitz. They were not successful on all of them, obviously, but we did have some pretty short battles we lost.

In one of the battles I was in we had an alleged Warrior 'Tank' tanking Drek. They said I was taunting Drek off of them. What I used was Demoralizing Roar which reduces his armor but no real threat. It gives the lightning bolt over his head when I do it and they thought I was taunting him off them. The problem was they were just a crap tank that couldn't hold him. He kept getting away from them and killing the healers. If Demoralizing Roar can pull a mob off you when you're tanking you should just stick to defending towers or DPS and leave the tanking to someone who can hold him. And if I was pulling him off he would have been on me, not the healers. Just some sorry excuse for a player trying to blame someone else for their incompetence.


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