Monday, February 1, 2010

Brieanna - Grand Master Herbalism

I have been working on Brieanna the last couple days and she is moving right along. She is level 66 now. She got a couple of her levels in the battlegrounds as I have been doing a lot of battlegrounds on her.

She is currently questing in Nagrand and that is going well, a lot of XP and the quests are easy for her to solo. She got her Herbalism up to 375 and had to go to Northrend to train for Grand Master Herbalism. This is great because it means I can pick anything I find in Outlands. I am finally ahead of the game on that one. Her Skinning is moving right along too, she is up over 400 on that. Needless to say I have no problem skinning anything I kill in Outlands.

I will be spending a lot of time on her going forward as I am looking forward to getting her to 80 and really hitting the battlegrounds and getting her geared. I love fighting in the battlegrounds on her.


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