Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Smell a Giant Rat

I was leveling Brieanna's fishing skill today in the Underbelly, on the dock at Cantrips and Crows Tavern, when I caught a Giant Sewer Rat. I have been trying to catch one of those on Wranngar and Gomorra (who have 450 fishing skill) for months now, and Brieanna gets one with her 365 fishing skill. This gave me the achievement I Smell A Giant Rat but more importantly it gave me a Giant Sewer Rat pet.

This is one of the rare pets that usually takes a long time to get. I can't even count the hours I have spent on Wranngar and Gomorra trying to get this pet, but it has been a lot. So far out of all my characters Brieanna has had the best luck fishing. In her first two days of doing the Shattrath daily fishing quest she got Toothy's Bucket and Snarly's Bucket. In her first week of doing the daily fishing quest in Dalaran she got a Bone Fishing Pole and she has also gotten other great rewards from both. Every day when she does the daily fishing in Dalaran I expect to see a Jeweled Fishing Pole in her Bag of Fishing Treasures.


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