Friday, March 12, 2010

The Pit of Saron (Dungeon)

The Pit of Saron is the second Dungeon in the attunement process for the Halls of Reflection.

Brieanna did some runs through this Dungeon today. I ran it a few times on normal to get familiar with it, then ran through it on heroic. After that I ran through it a couple more times on normal. We had one wipe, due to a healer not being able to keep up. The weird thing about that is it happened on a normal run, not heroic. I would think if we were going to wipe it would have been on the heroic run. Anyway a message box popped up saying we were voting to remove the healer from the group, yes or no. I felt really bad about it but clicked yes and he was removed. We got another healer in and finished without a problem. We were on the last boss when that happened.

This Dungeon, as the name suggests, in in a pit, a quarry. There are 3 main bosses you have to defeat along with a bunch of other mobs. Forgemaster Garfrost is the first boss you have to defeat. You fight some elite trash mobs to get to him. This guy throws a lot of frost spells and Saronite boulders at you and has one frost spell that stacks. You can get rid of the stacking frost spell by running behind a rock that is there and letting the timer on it run out. He runs over at various times and makes new weapons during the fight also. Deadly Boss Mobs for Dungeons is a must have when running instances. It goes are far as telling you he is going to throw the boulder at you, move.

After fighting some more elite trash mobs you come to Krick and Ick. This is a Gnome riding on the back of a Plague Eruptor. This guy has a few tricks up his sleeve including Toxic Waste, Mighty Kick, Pursuit and Pursuit Confusion, when Krick confuses Ick by changing his mind too often, along with a few others. Basically you need to keep moving and running around while fighting this boss.

The last boss you are going to meet up with, after fighting more trash mobs and running up a tunnel that is collapsing, is Scourgelord Tyrannus. When you are running up the tunnel to get to him there are giant chunks of ice falling from the ceiling. You can see where these are going to land from circles that show up on the ground, similar to the circle for an AoE, just avoid those areas. You will also encounter mobs on the way, run with them until you get to a disc in the floor about half way up, you will know it when you see it. That is a "safe zone", nothing will fall on that. That is where you kill the mobs you picked up on the way up to that point. You can heal up there after the fight, then make the run to the end of the tunnel. Kill the rest of the mobs you picked up right at the opening to the tunnel. If you out of the tunnel you will aggro the last boss.

Now you are at the last boss, Scourgelord Tyrannus. He is mounted on his Frostbrood Wyrm, Rimefang. He gives a big speech then dismounts to fight. Rimefang also gets involved in the fight with Icy Blast and a couple other spells. Scourgelord Tyrannus has a few tricks of his own, one of which is Overlords Brand. Basically when you have the brand on you don't do any damage or healing as the damage will all go directly to his target and all healing will heal him. That lasts about 10 seconds or so, not sure on the time, hard to judge time when you are fighting. Once he is down you are done. You will receive any achievements and rewards, emblems and such, at that time. Completing this completed my attunement process for the Halls of Reflection.

All in all this is a pretty fun Dungeon and I will run it a few more times as there is a gun that drops on normal this is slightly better than what I have right now.


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