Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have been working on Breeonna a little bit lately and have gotten her to level 46. Breeonna is an Elemental Shaman. She will be my fourth level 80. I don't have a lot of time played on this one and I am trying to get her to level 80 in under 10 days /played.

/played in the game tells you how much actual time you have spent playing a certain character. At level 46 Breeonna has less than 3 days /played. Each character I level is faster than the last one, Gomorra took me 49 days /played to get to level 70. Wranngar took me 23 days /played to get to level 70. Brieanna took me 11 days /played to get to level 70 and another 4 days /played to get to level 80 for a total for 15 days /played to level 80. I spent a lot of time going back and leveling Brieanna's skills and a lot of time in the battlegrounds on her. I think if I don't waste time on that I will be able to get her to 80 in under 10 days /played.

Basically what I have been doing on Breeonna is a combination of questing and random dungeons. When questing I only do yellow, orange and red quests, if a quest is green when I get it, or turns green in my quest log when I level, I drop it, not worth the time for the experience it will give. I can usually get a level or 2 in a few hours time that way.


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