Friday, April 23, 2010

Fail Tanks

I had a couple pretty bad runs today on Brieonna. The main problem was the tank, what's the hurry?

The first one was in Zul'Farrak. I zoned in and the first thing I saw was the tank had typed "I hope you're good at healing and dispelling Brieonna". The next thing I saw, when I looked up, was the tank was at 40% health and nowhere in sight... They had mounted and gathered up the first 3 groups of mobs. Not the first group of 3 mobs but 3 groups of 3, 4 and 3 mobs. That was 10 mobs. I barely made it to them in time to heal them before they died. When those were finally down they said "Do you see why I said that?", to which I replied "Yeah, because you're an idiot. This has fail written all over it, I'm outta here", and I bailed. I don't understand why these tanks think they need to set some kind of new speed record doing these instances. I had another one in Maraudon that was doing something similar, they were running on to the next group before the last group was dead. What do I do, stay and heal the people that are fighting the last group or run ahead and heal the tank that is fighting the new group? I have just been bailing on groups like that.

I had another group in Maraudon where everyone was a tank. The tank was pulling and tanking and so was a Paladin, Warlock and Druid. I was supposed to keep all of them alive... I bailed on that group too. What ends up happening in a group like that is, I end up getting attacked and take a beating or die because the mobs come after me when I heal.

When I am in a good group, and there were quite a few that were good, I can usually keep the tank healed with HoT's (Heal over Time) and an occasional flash heal. I rarely have to heal anyone else unless we are fighting something that has some kind of AoE (Area of Effect) attack that hits everyone. The other people that might need heals are melee fighters like Warriors, Paladins, some Shamans and Rogues because they are right there fighting full contact. That is the way it works. A Warlock, Mage or Shadow Priest, someone who wears cloth, should not be melee fighting anything. They are wearing cloth, they are not melee fighters, they are ranged fighters that should not come in contact with anything. I end up burning all my mana just trying to keep them alive and don't have time to take care of the people who really should be receiving the healing.

At the first sign of trouble, tank going recklessly fast, people other than the tank pulling, I give them a warning. If it's the tank I tell them to slow down. If someone other than the tank is pulling I tell them we have a tank, let them do their job. If they listen fine, we can continue on. If they continue in the same manner I tell them I am leaving and bail. I never do it during a fight or going into a fight, I wait until we are at a standstill or as much of a standstill as some tanks allow.

I realize that some of these people are on their first characters and don't really know what they are doing, although in the mid forties they should have a better idea than some seem to have, and try to give them some advice. Some take it but some already know everything there is to know. The ones that already know everything there is to know are the ones I usually end up bailing on because they are the ones that will not listen and continue right on doing what they were doing.

You can usually spot someone who has an 80 and is familiar with instances, they move along at a pace everyone is comfortable with, they don't pull anything if they are not the tank, and they seem to know what they are doing, those are the groups I like best.


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