Friday, April 9, 2010

More Random Dungeons 4/8/10

I did some more questing and dungeons on Breeonna last night and got her a couple more levels, to level 53 now.

I got my quest done in the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, more commonly known as the Sunken Temple. I got a nice trinket, Enamored Water Spirit, out of it when I handed it in. That was worth it and was a pretty easy quest to do. I am at the level now where Sunken Temple is pretty easy, not that is was hard to begin with. I got queued into Sunken Temple twice last night but got the quest done the first time. A lot of times you will get queued into a dungeon because someone left for whatever reason and that makes it a little harder to get quests done, but I did 2 full runs.

I also did 4 runs through Blackrock Depths. I am at the level now where that is a lot easier than it was although there are still a lot of quitters that break up the groups. Out of the 4 runs I did manage to get the random done twice. In the last one I was in we lost a person, the healer, after we had killed the boss to complete the dungeon. We wanted to kill more bosses but we couldn't go back into dungeon finder for another person because it would have queued us into another dungeon as we had finished that dungeon's requirements. We decided to try 4 manning it and see how far we could get. I took over the role of healer and we did pretty well, we got 4 more bosses down and completed a quest I had before we wiped. I think we did really well considering we were short a person and had a DPS for a healer. I was alternating between DPS and heals during the fights so I was kept pretty busy.


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