Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Heroic Dungeons 5/21/10

I spent the night doing random heroic dungeons on Brieonna tonight. I still need to upgrade my 232 shoulders and hood to the 245 items, then I will have gone about as far as I can with triumph badges.

I had a couple groups I bailed on, the people were undergeared and there was no sense sticking around, they were not going to finish the instance. One or two undergeared people in a group isn't bad, you can usually do a run no problem, but when you get more than that you just don't have the DPS to take the bosses down.

I was in one group where we had a Druid tank. There was also a Paladin in that group that was pulling before the tank could, or pulling more after the tank pulled. I warned them and they said "maybe you haven't noticed I'm a tank", to which I replied "you're not the tank in this group, the Druid is". I told them if they pulled again I wasn't going to heal them. I guess they didn't believe me because they pulled again, so I let them die. They got the it after that and didn't pull anymore.

I really don't care if people want to kick me from groups like that, my primary job is to keep ONE tank alive, then me, then the DPS. Having two people pulling puts everyone at risk of a wipe.


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