Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Battlegrounds 6/4/08

I was in 5 AV's this morning, 2 wins and 3 losses. I did them on Wranngar. It has been awhile since I was in Alterac Valley but there is still the same stupid stuff going on, people going for Galv first, holding SHGY but letting the Horde take DB, the usual. Not much has changed. We also had a lot of AFK in there too. One guy, Lycheas, was AFK in every battle I was in. In one of our wins we rushed FWGY and worked our way into FW Keep taking the towers and relief hut while others capped IBT and TP. We had plenty of time to let all the towers cap and take down Drek. In our other win we rushed IBGY. As soon as that was clocking a group moved forward and took FWGY then moved on to the relief hut and FW Towers. That battle was really close and the Horde were on Vann before we were even close to being on Drek due to heavy Horde defense at FW Keep. But the Horde messed up on that one because they didn't have enough offense to take Vann down, all their players were on defense at FW Keep. They kept wiping. When we were ready we moved in and took out Drek. The new thing now for the AFKers is to go from the cave to DB. It makes it look like we have some defense there but when the Horde move in they kill them all pretty quick then they are AFK at SFGY. It is time Blizzard stops saying they are doing something about the AFK problem and actually starts doing something about it. At the very least the people that are marked inactive should be removed from the battleground so they can be replaced with someone who will, hopefully, fight.


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