Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Daily Cooking 6/4/08

I did the daily cooking on both Wranngar and Gomorra today, it was Super Hot Stew. I flew over to Blades Edge on Wranngar and killed some Wind Serpents and Raptors until I had enough meat for both Wranngar and Gomorra then I cooked it up and headed over to Forge Camp Terror to kill an elemental. Once I had one down I cooked up the stew in the cooking pot provided and headed back to Shattrath. After I turned it in I logged over to Gomorra, got the meat out of the Guild Vault Wranngar put in there for him and flew over to Forge Camp Terror, cooked it up over and elemental carcass and headed back to Shattrath to turn in. I picked Crate of Meat for both, following the plan to pick that all week, and got for Gomorra, Chunk o' Basiliskx16 and two Large Fang's which I use in leather working. Wranngar got, Talbuk Venisonx6, Chunk o' Basiliskx6 and a Large Hoof. I guess you grind that up and put it in whatever you're cooking to give it texture or character or something :). No new recipes today, better luck tomorrow. They each also got 7g59s for the cooking quest.


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