Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Daily Battleground 6/4/08

The daily battleground today was Arathi Basin. I did it on Wranngar. The first battle I was in ended as soon as I entered so I am not counting that one as I didn't get a Arathi Basin Mark of Honor for it, it was a loss anyway. I did fight in 3 full battles before we had a win. In the first 1 we were just way outclassed, it almost seemed like we were up against a pre-made but that wasn't the case. We did manage to hold 1 base throughout and 2 on and off. In the second battle we held 2 bases throughout and had a 3rd and even a 4th at one point but it fell apart because people wanted more instead of defending what we had. In the last battle we had great communication and teamwork and had 3 bases capped at all times, 4 capped most of the time and 5 for the last 200 points which go really fast when you have a 5 cap. The daily battleground pays 11g99s, 419 honor and 3 Marks of honor for a win which in this case were Arathi Basin Mark of Honor.


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