Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fishing Wranngar 6/3/08

I did some more fishing on Wranngar today to get my fishing skill up. I went to Terokkar Forest again over by Allerian Stronghold. I caught about a dozen Golden Darter along with a bunch of other fish. It is really easy, I go into flight form and fly along the top of the water until I pick up a school of fish on my tracker, then I land and fish the school out. I move on to the next school and repeat that until I get bored. Today's 5 skill points represent 60-70 catches so the points are coming harder and harder. I got Wranngar's fishing skill up to 335 now, only 40 more to go. I still need to use a +100 to fishing skill buff, such as Sharpened Fish Hook, where I was fishing today but I am coming across more and more spots where I don't need it as my fishing skill increases. I also made another Primal Mooncloth Bag on Gomorra and sent it to Wranngar so now he has three, one more to go :).


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