Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gomorra 6/14/08

I dropped Jewelcrafting on Gomorra today and learned Enchanting. This will be far less costly than trying to level up Jewelcrafting, which can run into thousands of gold from where I was. Now I have to go around and look for low level items to disenchant. I did one run through Dead Mines (VC), a low level instance, to get some low level greens and I am sure I will do a bunch more before I am done. I think the lower level instances are the place for me to be right now as I can get all the greens I need and can run them solo without any problem. Once I stop getting points from disenchanting things I get from there I will move into Shadowfang Keep (SFK), another low level instance, where I will get items a little higher in level. After that I guess it would be Scarlet Monastery (SM) and keep working my way up from there. I will also get points from enchanting items and will probably give those away free at the start just to level up my skill.

Update: I did another Dead Mines run and then a run through the Stockades, another low level instance, to get items to disenchant. The Dead Mines run was good, got a lot of green items and some more blues but the Stockades was a waste of time, I got 2 green items and a Moss Agate, hardly worth the 20 minutes it took. On the plus side I got Gomorra's enchanting up to 75. I am sick of running through these instances for now so I will do some more tomorrow and see if I can get it up to 150.


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