Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yonezoe - Blades Edge 6/13/08

I helped Yonezoe some more in Blades Edge tonight on Wranngar. She got a lot of quests done, everything they had for her at Toshley's Station, during which I was able to get my daily cooking quest done, and then we moved on to Evergrove in Blades Edge. There were more quests there that we did, a bunch of them, and she got a lot more XP out of there. She now has about 7 bars to go before she levels up to 67. There are still a bunch of quests left to do in Blades Edge before we move on to Netherstorm. Hopefully she will get to 70 this weekend. Once she hit's 70 I want to spend a couple weeks doing the daily's for gold and we also need to start doing the Netherwing quests every day if we are going to get Netherdrake Epic Flying Mounts.


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