Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Battlegrounds 7/2/08

I only fought in one AV tonight, it was a loss. I was on Wranngar. There were a lot of AFK which hurt in every battleground but the people that were fighting clearly had no clue what they were doing. The first mistake they made was going for Galv first. That in itself is an almost guaranteed loss unless you have a really good group, this wasn't a really good group. They Horde put up a major wall of defense at IBGY and nobody rode past it, everyone that wasn't killing Galv stopped there to fight, that was the second mistake. When the Horde are really defending IBGY you need to ride past them and go for FWGY. I was trying to hold IBT with 4 other people but 3 of them left before it capped and we were overrun by about half a dozen Horde. Pretty much everybody ended up back at DB. After that nobody seemed to have any direction, there was no teamwork, some people were just hanging around in DB while others were trying to take SHGY which doesn't make any sense as SHGY is useless to us, it is just another place to turtle. With more than half the Horde at IBGY they were still able to easily take over DB with 3/4 of the Alliance, including all the AFK, there. We never really got any farther than IBGY. I have a really sad feeling it is going to be like this all summer. There are certain time slots that are better than others, I assume it's when the kids are sleeping, and you just have to find them. I will try fighting in there at different times and see if I can find out when that time is.


David said...

I can tell you that the BG experience definitely differs between Battlegroups. I have played in AV in 2 different EU Battlegroups (both with Warlocks), in Cyclone Battlegroup it is on the Horde side, in Blackout group it is on the Ally side. These 2 groups differ to yours as it is predominantly the Ally side that won the AV games.

Your comment on win ratios depending on what time slot it is I find interesting as I found that on Cyclone the Horde won a greater percentage of AV's in the early hours of the morning (1 to 2 am onwards to the about 8am) so this supports your theory that it could be when the 'Kids' are not playing.

It is lucky that I relocated to Australia in 2007 so can exploit that as Oz is on average 9 hours ahead of the EU server time haha.

Coincidently I played a few AV matches within the last 24 hours (I had not entered a BG in about 6 months) and it came out about 50/50, whether that was just luck or a change in trend in AV I do not know but I will be playing a few more to see how it goes.

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