Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wranngar 1/27/09

I played Wranngar for a while tonight and got the daily cooking done in Dalaran. It was Convention at the Legerdemain again. I grabbed 4 Chilled Meat from the guild bank and cooked it up then ran over to the wine shop and grabbed a jug of wine. Once I had all that I delivered it and collected my 9g93s, Dalaran Cooking Award and Small Spice Bag. My Small Spice Bag had 4 Northern Spices in it. Not too bad. After that I did the daily cooking from The Rokk, (61,15) in Shattrath, which was Revenge is Tasty. I got my wing on the 3rd kill and cooked it up with 3 Warp Burgers. I turned that in and got 75s, 11 Figluster's Mudfish and a Silver Hook. From there I went over to Old Man Barlo, (40,59) at Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest, and got the daily fishing quest which was The One That Got Away. I got my World's Largest Mudfish on the 18th cast but I got a bunch of other good fish in the process too. I turned that in and got 7g31s75c, 4 Sharpened Fish Hooks and a Piece of Polished Driftwood. After that I went to Ironforge and made 8 pieces of leather armor for someone using their mats. I didn't have the pattern but they did and they gave it to me for making the armor. I told them I would give them a few gold for it but they said making the armor was enough. It was a level 26 item but a pattern I didn't have.


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