Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daily's 2/15/09

I did my daily cooking in Dalaran on Wranngar today which was Convention at the Legerdemain. This is a pretty easy one if the Jug of Wine spawns fast enough for you. Today it did for me, I went into the wine shop and there it was, only took a second. I cooked up some Northern Stew and delivered it. In exchange for doing that I got 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag which had 3 Northern Spices and 3 Baby Spice in it. Not a bad haul today for this daily.

I worked on my Reputation with the Kalu'ak. They have a fishing pole I want and you have to be exalted with them to get it. The pole is Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole. It adds +30 to your fishing skill and is a epic piece. It is pretty cool looking too. I did all the quests they have then did the 3 daily's they offer and now I am revered with them. It will take about about 12-13 days to get exalted with them from here.

I fought in some battlegrounds today. The daily battleground was Strand of the Ancients and we won the first, and only, one I fought in. I turned that in and got my honor and gold. I fought in two Arathi Basin too to try and get my marks to 100 as I had 97. We lost the first one and one the second one which gave me 98 marks on me and 3 in the mail I can not take..... Nice Blizzard. I guess I will have to lose 2 more to finish that out. Losing is what the Alliance seems to be good at in AB lately though so it shouldn't be hard. I fought in 7 Eye of the Storm tonight and we won 5 and lost 2. The 2 battles we lost were just really bad groups on the Alliance side. In the 5 wins we had a couple where we only had 2 towers and ran the flag a lot and a couple 3 and 4 caps. Overall we are still doing good in EoS. I fought in one Wintergrasp battle tonight too. We lost that one but I did get a couple of the daily's done so I now have 7 Stone Keeper's Shard. You can use these for valuable prizes :). I am still not really sure what is going on in there but I am starting to get a better understanding of it.


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