Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wintergrasp 2/15/09

I got back on Wranngar to see if I could get one more Wintergrasp in tonight. I got lucky, the battle was starting in 13 minutes. I joined a raid group and we all got buffed up, ate, and got ready for battle. I put out a Fish Feast which is always a big hit in the battlegrounds. When we started I believe we had 2 full raid groups, that would be 80 people total, plus another raid group started. I don't know what, if any, the limit is in Wintergrasp. We got in there and basically dominated the Horde. We were on offense meaning we were attacking the Keep and we got in pretty quick. We wiped out all the Horde that were inside trying to defend and then assaulted the Keep itself. We got in in no time and won the battle. It went really quick. The last one I was in earlier I got in while it was in progress and it lasted twice as long as this one did and we lost. I had no deaths in this battle thanks mostly to some really good healers but I got a bunch of kills and killing blows in :). I got another Stone Keeper's Shard bringing my grand total to 8.


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