Thursday, March 26, 2009

Daily's 3/26/09

I got on Gomorra tonight and did my 3 daily's for The Kalu'ak. They are Preparing for the Worst, Planning for the Future and The Way to His Heart.... These are pretty easy, don't take me long and give around 20,000 XP each along with the 550 reputation each one gives. They also pay around 5 gold each. I am now 17456/21000 exalted with The Kalu'ak which, according to my calculations, will put me at exalted Sunday, not Saturday. I am just going to miss it by a little bit of rep. I am still not sure if I did one of the quests or not so I will look that up. It is a quick one part quest but it would be the rep I need to get exalted Saturday instead of Sunday.

I went to see if Old Man Barlo, (40,59) at Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest, had anything for me today and he had Shrimpin' Ain't Easy. This is a pretty easy one so I headed over to Umbrafen Lake (78,74) in Zangarmarsh and caught 6 or 7 Bloated Barbed Gill Trout. When I got done cutting them open I had my 10 Giant Freshwater Shrimp which I turned in to Old Man Barlo in exchange for a Bag of Fishing Treasures. Today my Bag of Fishing Treasures had 7g3s3c, 5 Sharpened Fish Hooks and 3 Jaggal Pearls. Really the only reason I am doing this is the chance to get The 2 Ring and so I can ride my Magnificent Flying Carpet lol.

I did my daily cooking in Dalaran on Wranngar. Tonight it was Sewer Stew which was kind of nice for a change. I got to get out of the city and fly down into Crystalsong Forest to pick some Crystalsong Carrots. I got the 4 I needed pretty quick and was on my way back to Dalaran where I hit the bank and grabbed 4 Chilled Meat to make my stew. Once I had the stew all made I headed down into the sewers to deliver it to Ajay Green at the Cantrips and Crows Tavern in the Underbelly who also happens to be my inn keeper. He gave me 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag with 3 Northern Spices and 5 Old Spices in it. Not a great haul but I am getting used to it.

I did my daily's for The Sons of Hodir after that. I stopped off on my way there to do Overstock at K3. This one only takes a couple minutes and pays around 13 gold. I make sure I do it every day if I can. I picked up Feeding Arngrim and did it for the first time today. It is a really easy quest that pays 13g23s and 350 rep with The Sons of Hodir. Along with Hot and Cold, Polishing the Helm and Spy Hunter I am making around 53 gold and getting 1200 rep a day. I didn't have time to do my daily's for the Knights of the Ebon Blade tonight, hopefully I will pick them up again tomorrow but with leveling Gomorra I might have to let them go for a while.


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