Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Black Jelly

Patch 3.1.0 brought us a new recipe, Black Jelly. It is a pretty nice recipe for a non-buff food recipe, it restores 18,000 health and 15,000 mana in 30 seconds. It requires 400 cooking skill to learn and takes 3 Borean Man O' War per piece. If you're Alliance you can learn this from Katherine Lee (41,65), in the kitchen of A Hero's Welcome in Dalaran. If you're Horde you can learn it from Awilo Lon'gomba (70,38), inside The Filthy Animal next to Krasus' Landing in Dalaran. You can also learn it from any other Grand Master Cooking Trainer. The cost of training is 5 gold.

Today I decided to go out and fish up some Borean Man O' War on Gomorra. I chose Gomorra instead of Wranngar because Wranngar's fishing skill is already 450 while Gomorra's is still under 400. To find these I turned on fish tracking/finding so the schools of fish would show up on my mini map, then flew along the coast of Borean Tundra. They're called Borean Man O' War for a reason lol. There are a lot less schools of them than I remember, probably a result of Patch 3.1.0 and the new recipe, but I did manage to catch 54 in a relatively short time. I already had 6 in the bank so that gave me 60, enough for one stack. I cooked up the Black Jelly for Gomorra which he will use sparingly.

That is about all the advice I have for catching the Borean Man O' War. If you don't have fish tracking/finding you will have to look for the schools which is a little harder but not impossible, I used to do it all the time on Gomorra before I got my Weather-Beaten Journal.


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