Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patch 3.1.0

I spent almost all my available play time downloading the new patch tonight, hopefully it will be worth it :). There are a lot of new changes so it should be. I am looking forward to dual specing Gomorra. He is currently a Master Demonologist and his second spec will be Destruction. I leveled Gomorra from level 1 to 70 as Destruction and really liked it but changed him to Demonology after I hit level 70 just to try it out. I always thought that Demonology was useless because if you lose your minion you got nothing, but once I switched to check it out I didn't want to go back. His other option is Affliction. I have come across Affliction Warlocks in the battleground and if you have enough health to wait out their spells while you kill them they are not a problem. In the past both Gomorra and Wranngar have had enough health and Wranngar can dispel most spells and poisons.

Wranngar is spec'd Feral. My other options for a dual spec are Balance and Restoration. I do enough casting on Gomorra so I don't really want to go Balance. Restoration is for healing and the only place I would use that is in the battlegrounds. Most of the people I see in the battlegrounds are, in my opinion, too stupid to live so why would I encourage them by healing them? It is best that they are put out of their misery as soon as possible. I am going to look into having a second Feral spec for tanking if I ever decide to do instances on him, but Gomorra is the one I am currently planning on doing instances with and keeping Wranngar in the battlegrounds where he does best.

You can read all about Patch 3.1.0 here or by clicking on the title of this post. You can always read about the latest patch information by clicking on the 'Patch Notes' link in the left hand column of this blog under 'World of Warcraft Links' or you can read about upcoming patch notes by clicking on the 'PTR Notes' link in the same place.


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