Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 1/2 Years Playing WoW

I just realized it has been 2 1/2 years, the beginning of this month, since I started playing World of Warcraft. I started playing December 1st 2006 after seeing the South Park episode 'Make Love, Not Warcraft'. I had been hearing a lot about it from people at work before that and decided to check it out, the rest is history.

My very first character was a Human Warrior named Durgan on Aman'Thul. I got him to level 19 before I saw a Warlock on a Felsteed. Once I saw that I decided I had to have one.

Gomorra was born.

Gomorra is my Human level 80 Demon Lock. He got his Felsteed and now he rides a Dreadsteed. I leveled him to 70 as Destruction then respec'd Demonology just to check it out. I ended up really liking Demonology spec both in PvP and PvE play and stuck with it. I used to do a lot of battlegrounds on Gomorra and he has over 24,800 lifetime kills. I stopped PvPing on Gomorra when I started PvPing on my Druid, Wranngar. I want to start raiding on Gomorra and gear him that way.

I will dual spec Gomorra Destruction/Demonology, now that dual speccing is available, as I like Destruction too, I had a lot of fun with that and did a lot of damage.

Wranngar is my level 80 Night Elf Druid. He is spec'd Feral and I won't dual spec him as he is fine just the way he is. I decided I had to have one of these after watching them fight in the battlegrounds. I really love to PvP and Wranngar does a lot of PvP, he has over 58,000 lifetime kills. He is going for the title 'of the Alliance' that you get when you reach 100,000 lifetime kills. I am still in the process of gearing him for PvP since I had to toss all my epic 70 PvP gear when I reached level 80, it is a long process. I want to start doing Arena on him, something I have only done a couple times on Gomorra.

It has been a pretty good 2 1/2 half years, I hope the next 2 1/2 are as good.



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