Saturday, June 27, 2009

Daily Battleground - Eye of the Storm 6/27/09

My daily battleground today was Eye of the Storm, it took me 3 battles on Wranngar before I got a win.

The first battle everyone was more interested in the flag than towers, so we held one tower and ran the flag.... As usual that resulted in a loss, but a few people got achievements for running the flag, good for them....

In the second battle we didn't have as many flagtards but we still had too many. We had one tower the whole time, 2 towers on and off and a lot of flag running. Needless to say we lost that one too. The sad part is it will never end. They should make the flag achievements so you have to be holding 3 towers when you complete them in order to get the achievement, I think that would wake people up. Or at least 2 towers. I have seen the majority of our team at the flag when we didn't even have a tower.

In the third battle we had a much better group. We got 3 towers right off the bat then fought for BET the whole time, keeping the Horde occupied so we could run the flag. We only had one person at DR, one at FRR and there was no one at MT. Not the best strategy but it worked. We won that one by over 1,000 points.


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