Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stratholme - Baron Rivendare's Steed - 6/27/09

I ran Thayah through Stratholme on Wranngar a couple times tonight, he wanted the Deathcharger's Reins from Baron Rivendare. We went in the service entrance, we both had the key. You need the key to go in the service entrance and it really cuts a lot of time off. Only one person needs to have the key.

We went and killed the mobs we needed to kill to take down the crystals which lifts the gate enabling you to go into Slaughter Square where Baron Rivendare is located. Once you are in there you have to kill all the mobs outside, then kill all the skeletons that come in, then kill his personal guard that comes out, then you can go in and kill him. You must make sure everyone is in the room before you attack him as the door closes as soon as he is attacked. It doesn't open again until he is dead. I am not sure if you get credit, making you able to loot, if you are outside the door when he dies. It didn't drop the first time so we reset the instance and tried again, no better luck the second time. The Deathchargers Reins has a very, very low drop rate. I have gone after it numerous times and have never seen it drop. I know it does because I see people riding it, but I think it is just luck.

Thayah got a lot of nice blue drops, most of which he couldn't use but could sell to a vendor for a little gold. My repair bill was over 11 gold for those 2 runs. We didn't have any deaths.


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