Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gomorra 6/3/09

Gomorra made himself an Abyssal Bag tonight. It is a 32 slot soul bag for carrying soul shards. That is a pattern I was able to get for being exalted with the Knights of the Ebon Blade. It takes quite a few expensive mats to make one but I made all the cloth myself so it wasn't too bad, just had to wait as all the cloth has a 4 day cooldown.

Here are the mats required to make one:

4 Ebonweave
2 Spellweave
1 Eternium Thread

I am a Shadowtailor so I can make 2 Ebonweave each time but only one Spellweave at a time. I made all my cloth today, 2 Ebonweave, 1 Spellweave and 1 Moonshroud. I have a use for all of them from clothing to bags.

I also got Gom's Tailoring up to 450 today. He now has all his skills maxed, primary and secondary.


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