Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Battlegrounds 6/3/09

I did some battlegrounds tonight.

The daily battleground was Strand of the Ancients. We won the first one I was in, it was a killing. We won it in 2 minutes 15 seconds which could be the fastest one I have been in to date. We just ran right through them. We took down all the gates on the way, both sides. I usually only do this one when it is the daily but don't really know why, it is a nice battleground. I queued up for it again but left the queue after 3 minutes and did some Eye of the Storm instead.

In Eye of the Storm we did ok in 2 battles and lost one. Actually we did great in one battle and ok in the other we won.

The first one I was in we came off the rock and a couple people went to MT, a couple people went to DR and the rest of us went to FRR and BET. We took FRR right away as most of the Horde were at BET trying to cap that. They did get it capped but they didn't hold it long. Once we had the 4 cap going on we kept them pinned down on their rock until the end of the battle.

The second battle was pretty bad, you know you're going to lose when you come off the rock and 10 of the 15 people on your team run right to the flag. I call them 'Flagtards'. The flag is to EoS what Galv is to AV, a distraction. You can win with 3 nodes and no flag running, you can win with 4 nodes and no flag running but you can't win with no nodes and running the flag. They were in the middle fighting for a flag that they didn't even have a tower to bring to. Needless to say we lost that one.

The third battle I was in went better than the second but not quite as good as the first. We had a strong start, we got FRR, MT and DR, then everyone went Flagtard. No one was guarding DR and we lost it, there were only 2 of us at FRR and we almost lost it, it seemed everyone was either at the flag or MT. We never did get DR back but because we did have a 3 cap going for quite awhile before losing DR and the determination of the Flagtards we did win that one by about 500 points give or take a little.

I might get back on a little later and do some more battlegrounds.


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