Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brieanna - Level 53 12/28/09

I worked on Brieanna some more today and got her to level 53.

Everything I had in Western Plaguelands was red and too hard for me to solo so I headed over to Felwood, in Kalimdor, to see if there was anything there for me. I hit the jackpot there, there were a lot of quests for me to do there giving a lot of good XP. I did everything I could get in Felwood and worked my way into Winterspring. I am currently questing there and had to drop a few older quests to take new ones because my quest log was full. I will be there for a day or two before heading back to the Plaguelands for the final run until I am 58 and can head to Outlands. At that time I will drop all the quests I have and start fresh in Outlands.


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